4 ways Quinlan|MacKay differs from REITs

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There are many investment options out there, even when it comes to real estate. Many people who want to invest in real estate but don’t want to rent out a property may choose a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). REITs are companies that own and often operate income-producing real estate.

While Quinlan|MacKay also invests in real estate, the investment process as well as the investment itself differs greatly from REITs. We offer a different solution to real estate investing.

4 ways Quinlan|MacKay differs from common REITs:

      1. Larger ROI: Quinlan|MacKay typically receives larger returns for its investors than REIT investors see. This is because Quinlan|MacKay does not charge various fees and solely invests in off-market, A-Class real estate projects, which usually yield larger returns.
      2. More investor options: When investors choose REITs, they choose cookie cutter options. Alternatively, Quinlan|MacKay offers off-market, A-Class real estate projects. These projects are meticulously chosen by the Quinlan|MacKay team. Then, investors choose which projects they want to invest in.
      3. Short- and long-term options: REITs typically come in two forms: equity REITs, which gain most of their income from rent on properties and buildings, and mortgage REITs, which gain most of their income on their investments in mortgages and mortgage-backed securities. REITs, by design, are intended to be long-term investments. At Quinlan|MacKay, we believe there should be more options, which is why we offer short- and long-term investment options. For short-term investing, investors can invest in the development of a building or property of their choosing. For long-term investing, they can essentially become the landlord, but in a passive capacity. Some investors choose to do both short- and long-term investing on the same project.
      4. Personal touch: At Quinlan|MacKay, we believe that even hands-off investments should still matter to the investor, and we know our investors care about the developments they help make possible. That’s why we send them monthly updates, including project progress pictures. Investors are able to monitor the progress of a project while seeing an idea turn into reality. An example of our updates and what investors can expect can be seen at this link.

There is no other company like Quinlan|MacKay. Start investing today.